A Word About Wachusett Pet Services

"the best care for your pets"

A lifelong lover of animals and learning tricks of the trade of professional dog training by her grandfather's side, a trainer in his day, owner and operator of Wachusett Pet Services, LLC, Jennifer Baum, has been working professionally with animals for 20 years.


An attendee of the early programs in the School of Animal Studies at Becker College, Jennifer continued to learn the art and science of pet grooming, animal care and maintenance, dog training and animal husbandry. She later went on to become a professional pet groomer until the birth of her children. Now a mother of two and farmer of alpacas, chickens, turkeys and 6 household pets (cats, dogs, reptile), Jennifer is offering to you her expertise in professional pet care, dog walking, training reinforcement, vacation care and farm care.


Jennifer has additional certifications in:


Pet First Aid

K9 Wilderness First Aid & Triage 

Animal Therapy (UNH)

Additionally trained as a handler for:

K9 Water Rescue

K9 Agility

K9 Scent Training & SAR

Additional independent study

K9 Nutrition, Domestic Pet & Livestock Homeopathy

Wachusett Pet Services runs a part-time staff as well, each trained under Jennifer's expert tutelage and held to the same high standard and expectations as she holds for herself. Jennifer and her staff live and work locally in the Wachusett & Quabbin areas of Central Massachusetts.

Wachusett Pet Services, LLC is licensed, insured & bonded.

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