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Company Policies

A full copy of policies are provided at the initial meet and greet

Meet & Greet:

It is essential for both client and care provider to schedule the face to face meet and greet.  Wachusett Pet Services, LLC will not provide care requests to any client without this essential step. Please be prepared to provide care instructions, entry method to the home, and other essential information regarding the proper care for your pets. Full disclosure is expected at this time. We will review our pertinent company policies at this time which will include discussion on veterinary disclosures, leashes, fencing, indoor/outdoor pets, home access/key/codes, home security disclosure laws, alarm systems, pet property damage, assigned employees, medications, cancellations, holiday visits, service hours and inclement weather/winter safety.

Job Share:

Wachusett Pet Services, LLC may decline to care for pets when someone else is looking after them or if others are entering and exiting the home during the contracted care period.  Too many issues could arise with multiple caretakers which could cause your pets to suffer. Double feeding, no feeding, incorrect dosing of medication, misplaced items, missed visits are some possibilities when someone else is involved. Job Share will be considered case by case. It MUST be disclosed to Wachusett Pet Services, LLC prior to contract date commitment.  Job Share negates any and all liability Wachusett Pet Services, LLC would have towards your home and pet(s). Job Share and others on the premises also negates any insurance and bonding coverage. Should Job Share be accepted by Wachusett Pet Services, LLC, a liability release waiver must be signed prior to care.

Company Representatives:

Wachusett Pet Services, LLC does have employees/staff. Each staff member is covered under Wachusett Pet Services, LLC insurance and bonding. Wachusett Pet Services, LLC reserves the right to dispatch/assign an employee to any residence for pet care. Pet sitters/walkers are representatives of the company and have signed non- compete agreement. At no time are they allowed to solicit business from clients referred to them by the company. If they do so, or if they accept pet sitting jobs "on the side," they are at risk of termination.

Base Rates:

Our current rates are subject to change without notice.  The Base Rates are for THREE household dogs or THREE household cats or combination thereof.  Rates for additional pets to be discussed with services at the time of initial consultation. Livestock Care is based hourly.

Additional Charges:

There are times when circumstances present themselves during the course of pet care where Wachusett Pet Services, LLC will need to be compensated beyond the base rates.  These circumstances may include but are not limited to: Excessive Bodily Mess; diarrhea, vomit, indoor urination, indoor fecal, have dogs not housebroken, changing puppy pads, lack of proper supplies, additional needs due to illness, behavioral issues (including biting, excessive jumping, etc) and veterinary care.  Additional Charges are based on hourly fees in the case of purchasing necessary supplies, reimbursement will be expected.



Clients are invoiced via email prior to service.  Payments are accepted in the form of credit card, in person or via online portal, check or cash. Payments must be made prior to service. A late fee for payment may be assessed at the rate of 10% per 14 days overdue and assessed very 10 days thereafter. After 45 days overdue the account will be turned over to collections.


We have family too, however, we are willing to care for your pet should you be unable. Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, New Years Eve/Day are charged at 2.5 times the current rates.  

Weekend Visits:

An additional fee of $10 per visit is assessed for weekend care (excluding Vacation Packages).

Last Minute Bookings & Cancellations:

For existing clients we will do our best to accommodate a last minute booking (72 hours or less notice) with additional fees applied to the base rate for our time and trouble to rearrange scheduling, itinerary/visitation routes, dispatch staff, additional time/mileage incurred.  Please remember that poor planning our your part does not constitute urgency on ours.
Additional Fee is $15 per 30 minute visit will be applied. This additional fee may be waived in case of medical emergency if we are available to assist.

We also understand you may have cause to cancel your booking and it is likely we have turned clients away due to  full schedule.  Therefore will must implement the following cancellation policy.  

Walk cancellations: With less than 24 hours notice the day will be charged as scheduled. School Cancellations issues the day of will be the exception as long as we are notified as soon as the cancellation takes place.

Vacation Booking Cancellations: We do not keep a waiting list for client care, therefore a last minute vacation cancellation has prevented us from fulfilling the vacancy.  Vacation reservations are booked several weeks/months in advance. We require 14 days notice of cancellation or a 25% fee of the total vacation package rate will be assessed. If cancelling within 7 days of service 50% of the fee will be assessed. To cancel less than 7 days in advance the client is responsible for the full fee due for the booking. Cancellation once service has begun, including but not limited to flight changes, returning home early, having family or friends assume responsibility, etc., there will be No Refunds issued.

Inclement Weather & Winter Safety:  Unless a State of Emergency is declared and we are not legally permitted to be on the road, we will take care of your pets in any weather condition.  Severe weather may impede outdoor activities and shorten the visit.  We will attempt to supplement with indoor play provided that the dogs are participating.  It is the responsibility of the pet owner to make sure that there is safe access/passage to/from/around the property.  If we can not safely access the property, we will notify the client of same and no refunds will be given.

Photography & Video:  Wachusett Pet Services, LLC reserves the right to take and utilize photographs or videos for marketing purposes for both Wachusett Pet Services & Wachusett Petography.  Pets names may be used but owners and location will remain anonymous.


By contracting with Wachusett Pet Services, LLC you hereby agree with all applicable company policies.  Wachusett Pet Services, LLC Reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

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